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Adventures should last a lifetime. With three trips planned over the next 8 months, I will continue to blog and photograph my trips, sharing the best bits here. I hope to provide a glimpse of my story; cementing the journey in time.

Day Seventeen + Eighteen: Siargao Island – Relax and Travel.

After a pretty full on first few nights in Siargao, we opted for a quieter final day on the island. Heading to the secret beach just south of cloud nine, to relax, watch the surfers and read. Eager to play some chess, we headed to Buddha Thai Cafe a great spot for healthy food, coffee, … Continued

Day Sixteen: Siargao Island – Three Island Tour.

Fully recovered from the previous night’s antics, we woke up early, extended one of the bikes rentals, grabbed a banana bread breakfast (so cheap 40php a cake) and booked onto the Bravo Resort island tour, based on a recommendation. The tour started at 10, joined by 7 others and a charismatic guide. The three islands … Continued

Day Fifteen: Siargao Island – Scooter Pursuit to the North, Algeria Beach.

A very slow morning start, very much feeling the effects from last nights fun. We changed hostel to the White House, extending our stay in Siargao We eventually got on the scooters and headed right to the Northern tip of Siargao to find the beach with the acclamation of being the most beautiful; Alegria Beach. … Continued

Day Fourteen: Siargao Island – Surf Surf Surf.

Surf time. An early rise and a pancake breakfast. I headed down to the Cloud Nine area to find a board and instructor for a lesson. Being a reef bay requires a lot of swimming to get out to the larger waves. Of which you are spoiled for choice; with Jacking Horse, Quicksilver and Cloud … Continued

Day Thirteen: Siargao Island – Caves, Beaches, Lagoons.

After a fairly early night, we were up early and took a long walk down Tourist Road, to haggle a good price on a pair of scooters to get around the island for the next few days. Although Siargao is quite small, scooters are essential as many of the beaches are just out of walking … Continued

Day Twelve: Siargao Island – Arrival.

A great start to the day with Z Hostel’s epic breakfast of pancakes, eggs, cereal, coffee and juice. Defiantly getting your monies worth. Tom and I booked a mid-morning flight direct to Siargao Island, frequently recommended by other travellers; described as a surfers paradise with beautiful beaches. We took a Grab direct to Terminal 4 … Continued

Day Eleven: Manila – Reunion.

Another day of travel. This time just one bus direct to Manila from San Narciso. After waiting for roughly an hour, a nice A/C Victory liner bus picked us up and took us directly to Manila, with two breaks along the way. Great excuse to get some reading done. The whole journey was quicker than … Continued

Days Eight, Nine + Ten: San Narciso, Zambales – Beaches.

With the idea of getting to a beach and surf for Harri and Chloe’s final days in the Philippines, we booked a short 1hr flight from Coron to the Angles (Clark International). After some deliberating, we decided to head the Zambales town San Narciso, right by the sea. Although we only had to travel 40miles, … Continued

Day Seven: Coron Islands – Shipwrecks, Lagoons Island Tour.

Negotiating a last minute deal for the Coron Ultimate Island Tour (1200php), we hopped on another tour boat (no rusty anchors this time…) to explore Coron’s infamous surrounding islands. The tour claims seven spots to visit (actually six) including three snorkelling locations, two lagoons and a beach destination for lunch. Snorkelling in the coral gardens … Continued

Day Six: Coron Island, Sunsets and Hot Springs.

Up for the the 5:30 Montenegro Lines fast-ferry to Coron (1760php, extortionate but un-negotiable). The 4-hour journey passed by quickly enjoying the cool cabin to catch up on some missed sleep. The early start meant we arrived in Coron with the whole day ahead of us. We checked into the Fat Monkey Hostel on the … Continued


A collection of some of my favourite pictures taken along the journey. Like anything you see? Send me a message to find out more.

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