Day Five: El Nido – Island Tour A

We decided to stay an extra night in El Nido and go on another stunning island excursion. Based on many recommendations we chose Tour A, negotiating a price of 1100php each (bellow Amos).

The morning got off to a shaky start, managing to cut the top of my foot traversing to the tour boat through the mirky El Nido town sea to get onto the boat (definitely worth bringing aqua shoes next time).

I wasn’t going to let to let that spoil the day. There are 5 stops on the tour including small and big lagoons, where renting a kayak (made compulsory by my cut foot) was definitely money well spent. The big lagoon is often closed throughout the year for filming, where the next event will be the Miss Universe competition. You can see why. While paddling you get the feeling of the island’s cliffs on all sides of the lagoon, segregating you from the rest of the sea. The water is composed of a mixture of fresh and salt, producing an array of blues. I cannot think of anywhere comparable.

After the best snorkelling of the trip so far with highly colourful reefs teaming with sea life, the tour ended with beers on the beach. With an early start the next morning to catch the ferry, I checked into the Happiness hostel (500php); coaxed by their free falafel handouts on the street. The falafel was so good, that we had to have dinner there too.