Day Seven: Coron Islands – Shipwrecks, Lagoons Island Tour

Negotiating a last minute deal for the Coron Ultimate Island Tour (1200php), we hopped on another tour boat (no rusty anchors this time…) to explore Coron’s infamous surrounding islands. The tour claims seven spots to visit (actually six) including three snorkelling locations, two lagoons and a beach destination for lunch.

Snorkelling in the coral gardens meant navigating the pathways between the shallow corals (around 0.5m deep) and circumventing the numerous sea-urchins. The corals were alive with sea anemones, and lot of small colourful fish (including Nemo’s).

Although I am no diver; I still got to enjoy seeing the shipwreck of an 1800s Chinese fishing vessel, laying just 5-8m bellow the sea. With a few tips, I was able to free-drive down too “almost” touch it.

The penultimate stop on the tour was one of only two island lagoon open to the public (there are 17 in total closed off to the public and kept by the indigenous people). Pulling into the bay, we climbed around 500 steps (up and down) to find a lagoon with high cliffs surrounding it, completely isolated. We got to swim and explore a cave just to the left (don’t miss it).

We ended the day with another meal at Lolo Nonoy’s, and a few drinks after (mainly by candlelight as there was a long power cut).