Day Sixteen: Siargao Island – Three Island Tour

Fully recovered from the previous night’s antics, we woke up early, extended one of the bikes rentals, grabbed a banana bread breakfast (so cheap 40php a cake) and booked onto the Bravo Resort island tour, based on a recommendation. The tour started at 10, joined by 7 others and a charismatic guide.

The three islands included:

  • Guyam: an idyllic small island with perfect white sand and calms sea, on one side and rock pools and small lagoons on the other. Great spot to swim and swing off the palms
  • Naked: named for having no vegetation growing on the island. Like a great white sand dune dropped in the middle of the sea
  • Daku: A larger island with a long white sand beach and snorkelling. A perfect spot to just relax and worth travelling to if you are planning a beach day on Siargao.

On Daku, we enjoyed a fantastic lunch with large freshly caught tuna and ceviche, amongst other local treats. Best lunch yet.

After lunch, we had some time to grab a snorkel and explore the reef. This was a large area consisting of a mixture of coral, rocks and seagrass. Still teaming with lots of life. Joined by the tour guide, we went fishing for large sea urchins to catch, smash and eat. A delicacy in China apparently.

Grabbing a beer at Kaizen and dinner at La Carinderia – my first lechon in the Philippines. We went back to the White House to meet some other travellers, joining in the Filipino tradition of sharing a cup of rum shots around a circle, taken with a chaser of coke. Next thing you know we are back dancing with the locals, catching some of Siargao crazy nightlife.

A flat tyre on the scooter meant I had to wait on the side of the road, while Tom headed back to get a lift. I was immediately greeted by a big group of lovely islanders; who offered me a drink and accompanied us the rest of the night. Can’t get over how friendly everyone here is.