Day Thirteen: Siargao Island – Caves, Beaches, Lagoons

After a fairly early night, we were up early and took a long walk down Tourist Road, to haggle a good price on a pair of scooters to get around the island for the next few days. Although Siargao is quite small, scooters are essential as many of the beaches are just out of walking distance (particularly in the humid/hot climate. We eventually settled with a deal of 350php each per day at Siargao Corner Cafe; also an excellent place for breakfast.

Taking a slow cruise North, we first stopped at the Tayangban Cave. Following a guide, we waded into the mouth of the cave through water quickly immersed in darkness; only later finding that cave is around 130m deep taking roughly 20mins too traverse. Definitely not for those with claustrophobia. Treading through water and climbing rocks, we could see some incredible stalagmite formations in glistening yellow/ gold (in the guides one headlamp, bring your own if you have one). Deeper inside we could see numerous bats roosting woken by our presence and flying off to a new spot within the cave. Coming out the other side of the cave, we were greeted with a 15m deep lagoon, with multiple jumping spots of 4- 7m.

Next stop was the Magpupungko lagoon. This was a perfect blue saltwater lagoon suited in a flatbed of rock pools. The surrounding views of the sea beach and palm trees were stunning and the lagoon was very pleasant to swim and relax in. The pools were teeming with life.

Realising we were running out of time we decided to loop around the island and head back down the West side, trying to find some of the islands many beaches. Siargao had pretty good roads and was a pleasure to cruise, (almost as fun as the destination) stopping off for photos at scenic spots along the way.

Grabbing a pizza at Altrove Siargao, we headed back to the hostel to play some cards. We were soon joined by Aloha’s pack of evening party goers, a great group of travelling locals, islands and backpackers alike. Turns out the town comes alive at 10PM.