Day Three: El Nido Islands, Outpost C&D Boat Tour

First exhibition of the trip. After not stirring until 5 minutes before I needed to go (jet lag kicking in). Joined the tour party (from the Outpost Hostel) and waded through the water to the boat. The tour was run by a group of young local party animals, with limitless energy, constantly dancing and singing; for people who do this everyday, they do a great job of making the whole event entertaining.

Along with another 25 drowsy travellers other and set out to explore 5 different island spots around the El Nido bay. There are 5 different tours on offer (ABCD) with different opinions on which are the best. The combos typically offers either snorkelling or canoeing depending on what you fancy so worth baring in mind into your decision. We opted for snorkelling. For many the tours are so good, that they do both and are pretty good value at 1700php with a big spread for lunch and lots of rum (drinking games) along the journey.

Undeniably all the spots visited were beautiful, with hidden coves, lagoons and long white sand beaches and to top it all snorkelling over a large coral reef teeming with a large variety of small to medium sized fish. Spending roughly an hour at each spot made the whole day feel relaxed and un-rushed, with a small amount of swimming go get the the spots. Some of the spots did feel a little busy with up to 9 tour boats visiting at once, unfortunately this can’t be avoided but some research may reveal which spots would be quieter.

Overall it was a fantastic trip and I have left feeling very tempted to do another. Now time to watch the sunset view from the Hostel.