Day Twelve: Siargao Island – Arrival

A great start to the day with Z Hostel’s epic breakfast of pancakes, eggs, cereal, coffee and juice. Defiantly getting your monies worth. Tom and I booked a mid-morning flight direct to Siargao Island, frequently recommended by other travellers; described as a surfers paradise with beautiful beaches.

We took a Grab direct to Terminal 4 (260php), leaving plenty of contingency this time. We caught up, getting pumped for the next destination; helping Tom overcome some jet lag.

From the plane window, we could see Siargao Island’s palm tree forests, white beaches and green marshland. Even more beautiful on the ground.

Haggling with a large number of different drivers we eventually took a Hatak-Hatak, effectively an extended motorbike with our rucksacks tied to the back, to the town for 350php.

To some disappointment, we arrived at the Aloha Hostel to find it wasn’t suited on the beach. The accommodation was basic, but the many fans in the room helped keep you cool in the night. After having a little explore of the local beaches and main town, we headed to Kaizen bar for a few 50php beers, then to Barrell for some lechon (Filipino take on soft pork scratchings).

On first impression, Siargao felt like a town with a very local feel with some backpackers and a few resorts dotted around. The town, however, hides its raving party scene in the early evening coming truly alive after 10 PM. Truly a very unique place.