Day Two: El Nido, Outpost and The Kuyawyaw Falls

Up at 4, flight at 6, Outpost Hostel at 8. One way to maximise your time. Dropped off by a “tricycle” (scooter with a custom covered side cabin), on the side of the road by some steps with a precarious sign above, marked Outpost; wasn’t quite what I expected. To get to the hostel required walking down these steps to a beach adjacent to an idyllic bay with islands dotted in the distance. About 100m down the beach to the right, the hostel could be found. Unobtrusive but inviting with two floors overlooking the bay (claimed the best sunset spot around).

Plans worked out and managed to meet up with friends, Harri and Chloe for breakfast (it is very good here). Eager to combat jet-lag through being active we hired a tricycle driver for the day to take us to the local Kuyawyaw Waterfall spot. These were three incredible falls up to 15m high, each with swim-able pools hidden within the jungle landscape. Refreshing.

We ended the day with a beach walk on the adjacent beach to the hostel (noting the island to mainland zip line). There is a stunning spot on the corner where islands can be seen at 270º.

Finished the day with drinks and local food; watching the sun go down.