Days Eight, Nine + Ten: San Narciso, Zambales – Beaches

With the idea of getting to a beach and surf for Harri and Chloe’s final days in the Philippines, we booked a short 1hr flight from Coron to the Angles (Clark International). After some deliberating, we decided to head the Zambales town San Narciso, right by the sea. Although we only had to travel 40miles, we learned that it always takes a lot longer than you think to get anywhere by bus in the Philippines, with just one transfer it still took us nearly 6 hours to reach our hostel.

On arrival, we were very happy to find out that we were getting put in an upgraded family room with AC. Luxury! It was down season at the resort with very few other travellers around. When exploring the next town down San Felipe, we were surprised to find how untouched the area was from the backpacker community, residing instead with numerous “campsites” where locals would stay for coastal weekend getaways.

Surf, unfortunately, was not in our favour, we found a fantastic instructor who was able to teach the basics but ultimately had to give a big push to help catch any waves.

The owner and staff at Mope were very friendly and welcoming. After a short conversation about local Filipino food, we were challenged to try Bicol. This is a chicken egg with an embryo inside, left to boil for about 1hr. Possibly some of the most disturbing food I have tried, the egg was broken into 4 parts; a hard rubbery egg white, a cooked yolk (somewhat tasty), a liquid residue and the embryo itself. Nice… definitely not for the weak stomach. The locals typically eat this all together like any normal boiled egg. Can’t say I was that daring.

Being on the West Coast, and having a hostel right on the beach, we enjoyed some of the best sunsets so far on the trip with the orange sun reflecting on the sea. Always a great way to end the day.